GoPro Karma Aerial Photography

Drone Technology with 4K 50fps HD video & High Res Photography

Warren Peace Pitt Aerial Photography based in Newport offers professional GoPro Karma Aerial Photography using the lastest drone technology from GoPro. We are fully qualified and licensed to fly in the UK, which enables us to provide high quality images, photography & 4K video for your adventures. If you would like some more information regarding GoPro footage in South Wales please contact us.

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GoPro examples Newport Cwmbran. Portugal beach vibes. Warren Peace Pitt GoPro Karma Aerial Photography provide high quality images and video for your surf trips swansea

gopro karma aerial photography

Autumn adventures. Warren Peace Pitt GoPro Karma Aerial Photography can provide the feel for your van life trips

gopro karma aerial photography

Warren Peace Pitt GoPro Karma Technology

4K 50fps

Aerial Images




Warren Peace Pitt Aerial Photography available in south wales and the south west for high level property inspections. using the latest drone technology from DJI, we provide high quality images, photography, hd video & hd live feed onsite. quick and effective solution of high level property inspections, no need for climbing ladders or paying for scaffolding


Warren Peace Pitt Aerial Photography Film Media based Newport South Wales. (this content is for SEO please click here for more information) DJI Phantom 3, DJI Phantom 4 Live feed Apple iPad. Clients : Red Bull. Newport Dragons, Layer Creative, GOONTV, Santa Cruz Skateboards, LowLife, AXL Distrubution


GoPro Hero6 camera giving the highest quality image for light weight portable drone technology to date. 4K 50fps low light functions. super high slo-mo 200fps. this camera is the one for the small drone world functionality. show the world about warren peace pitt aerial photography and it gopro karma hero 6 technology in newport south wales